Ally Parrillo

Gillette College Foundation’s Scholar Spotlight!

Meet Alexandra “Ally” Parrillo, recipient of the ECV Booster Club Scholarship through the Gillette College Foundation.

Ally comes to us all the way from California and is in her 3rd year of classes with the Gillette College.  She is an active member of the Energy City Voices (ECV), lives on campus, is a student ambassador, student senate liaison, and works at the campus fitness center.  She will graduate with her Associate of Arts in General Studies in May.  She plans on moving back to California to be closer to family, but has also been looking at attending Southern Utah University where she can obtain a degree in either elementary education or hospitality management.  Ally’s long term goals include having a successful career and a family.

The scholarship Ally received has allowed her to obtain an education without going into debt.  Ally never had plans to go to college until she visited Gillette.  In her time with Gillette College, she has grown in independence and maturity, especially being away from family.  It has also been a vital stepping stone to a better paying job in an area she is passionate about.  Her advice for other students is to attend class and utilize the tutoring options which make it “impossible to fail”.  She also encourages everyone to “get involved” with the organizations or events on campus.

Ally’s favorite things about being a Gillette College student are being involved with the Energy City Voices, the relationships she has created with faculty, and the personal feel that everyone knows you. 

The Gillette College Foundation proudly features Alexandra Parrillo as our Scholar Spotlight this week!