Cheyenne Dubeau

Gillette College Foundation’s Scholar Spotlight!

Meet Cheyenne Dubeau, recipient of the Teckla Soderbug Putnam Scholarship through the Gillette College Foundation.

Cheyenne is originally from Moorcroft, Wyoming.  She is in her first semester with Gillette College, obtaining her general studies, and is a drummer for the Energy City Voices.  While she doesn’t have a “10 year plan” yet, she has considered music production in California, but also “doesn’t want to be in debt.” 

The scholarship Cheyenne received has allowed her to partake in a “life changing experience”.  She was welcomed by all of Energy City Voices and has made some of her closest friends ever.  She said she already feels more comfortable at Gillette College than she did in her own high school with people she grew up with.  She attributes this to the support and acceptance of everyone on campus.  In her time at Gillette College, she has learned a lot about money management and said, “It’s not this big scary thing everyone makes it out to be once you get used to it.”  Her words of advice for upcoming students is to be yourself, “Do what will make you happy, it doesn’t matter what others think.”

Cheyenne’s favorite thing about being a Pronghorn is the atmosphere of the college.  “I feel comfortable here,” she said.

Cheyenne, the Gillette College Foundation is honored to feature such a vibrant young individual such as yourself!  Congratulations on being in our Scholar Spotlight this week!