Janelle Vonada

Gillette College Foundation’s Scholar Spotlight!

Meet Janelle Vonada, recipient of two Gillette College Foundation Scholarships:  the Jack Pownall Endowed Scholarship, and the Blaine and Susie Wilson Scholarship.

Janelle is a “non-traditional student”, a mom and is enrolled in the Gillette College nursing program, looking to improve her family life while pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse.  The next step in her education is pursuing her bachelor’s degree through the University of Wyoming, but is currently focusing on the moment and succeeding at Gillette College.  Her long term career goal still holds a variety of options, including oncology, hospice, or labor and delivery.  She is hopeful during clinical rounds she will be able to find her specialty.

The scholarships Janelle received have allowed her to not take out loans to pay for her educations – something that would be nearly impossible on one salary with 6 children to feed.  (Talk about Super Mom!)  With the nursing program, there are many extra fees and expenses (laptops, equipment, uniforms, etc.) the scholarships have been able to cover. 

In Janellle’s time with Gillette College, she has learned when you make a goal and focus on it, anything is achievable.  She has been able to apply this both to her anticipated profession and life in general.  Her advice for other students is to put effort into getting good grades, study for entrance exams as “they matter when applying for programs,” and to never give up.

Janelle’s favorite thing about being a Gillette College student is meeting new people and the fantastic instructors that make learning enjoyable. 

The Gillette College Foundation is proud to feature Janelle Vonada!