Katie Crisp

Gillette College Foundation’s Scholar Spotlight!

Meet Katie Crisp, recipient of two Gillette College Foundation Scholarships:  the Richard and Marlene Riggle Scholarship, and the Richard M. Baker Scholarship.

Katie is originally from Montana.  She has a wonderfully supportive husband of 11 years, 3 daughters and is enjoying the work-mom-school balance.   She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business finance.  In the next 10 years, she sees herself as an officer or an assistant vice president at her current place of employment, as she desires to hold an executive level position.

The scholarships Katie received have kept her on track and accountable when courses are difficult, especially the online courses that have little structure and require self-discipline and motivation.  Often, Katie uses her “non-traditional” education as an example for her children, telling them to go to college after high school graduation.  “It is way harder later in life,” she said.  Similarly, her advice for upcoming students is, “Don’t skip or take a break!”

Katie’s favorite thing about being a Gillette College student is the challenges she has received.  She enjoys keeping her mind fresh and staying sharp. 

The Gillette College Foundation proudly features Katie Crisp as our Scholar Spotlight this week!