Melissa Cantu

Gillette College Foundation’s Scholar Spotlight!

Meet Melissa Cantu, recipient of four Gillette College Foundation scholarships:  the Herb and Dorothy Carter Scholarship, the Ramzi Ammari Memorial Scholarship, the Richard and Marlene Riggle Scholarship, and the Richard M. Baker Scholarship.

Melissa completed two and a half years of higher education after high school, with an emphasis on social work, before making the decision to stay at home.  She has been a homemaker for 12 years and is now ready to complete her education.  She feels the added maturity between the last time she was in college and the present has allowed her to figure out exactly what she wants.

Melissa is currently enrolled in the nursing program at Gillette College with hopes of continuing on to receive her bachelor’s degree.  She ultimately hopes to be able to open a home-health business.

The scholarships Melissa received have allowed her to focus on her education and family without having to also manage a job.  Her time at Gillette College has taught her about perseverance, specifically through challenging courses!  She has especially enjoyed learning more in depth information on procedures she may have already been somewhat familiar with, and has enjoyed seeing behind the scenes interactions.

Her advice to other students is, “Don’t give up just because you don’t do well the first time around.”

Congratulations on receiving your scholarships, Melissa.  The Gillette College Foundation is proud to have you as a recipient!