Natalia Schmidt

Gillette College Foundation’s Scholar Spotlight!

Meet Natalia Schmidt, recipient of the Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship through the Gillette College Foundation.

Natalia grew up in Gillette and aspires to be a chiropractor.  She currently works with Western Plains Chiropractic here in town, owned by Miles Fortner.  Planning to follow in Miles’ footsteps, Natalia will be heading to Hayward, California to complete her degree after finishing her generals and prerequisites with Gillette College.  In the next 10 years, Natalia sees herself back in Gillette with her own practice, married with a family.

The scholarship Natalia was awarded has taken off some financial stress of juggling a fulltime job with her education.  Her time at Gillette College has taught her time management, communication, and independence.  “If you talk to the professors, they are very understanding,” Natalia said.  Her words of advice for other students are to always work hard and not to let your fears hold you back.  “Don’t be afraid to try new things.”

Natalia’s favorite thing about being a Gillette College student is the size of the campus.  She enjoys the personal feel and the ability to get to know everyone.

The Gillette College Foundation proudly features Natalia Schmidt!