Sheyanne Walker

Gillette College Foundation’s Scholar Spotlight!

Meet Sheyanne “Shaye” Walker, recipient of two Gillette College Foundation Scholarships:  the Institute of Supply and Management Scholarship, and the Bette and Ron Sample Scholarship.

Shaye comes to us all the way from Tucson, Arizona and lives with her grandmother in Newcastle, Wyoming.  She loves sports, especially volleyball, and coordinates the college’s intramural sports.  She is currently considering joining the business club on campus, as she is a business major.  She is also looking forward to Startup Weekend (November 16th-18th) and presenting her “award winning idea!”

Shaye is looking forward to the next steps in her education, though she is undecided where she will settle.  Having most of her family in Arizona is a definite plus, but she loves the beauty of Wyoming.  Her long-term goal is to be a coffee shop and bakery owner, which she plans on making a national chain!

The scholarships Shaye has received have allowed her to be the first female in her family to attend college.  She feels she has been able to better herself as a whole and is extremely grateful she is able to go to college, an opportunity she would not have otherwise had.  Shaye says she cannot put a price tag on the experiences afforded to her at Gillette College and expressed genuine gratitude.  Shaye’s face glowed with pride, as she explained how the scholarships have not only been influential on her life, but, “My mom can say she has a daughter in college!”

Gillette College has taught Shaye several lifelong lessons.  “Numbers are important!  Your name means a lot in business, keep your nose clean and care for yourself.  Create positive relationships.”  She has also been able to focus on her goals and her eyes have been opened to her own abilities and level of dedication.

Her words of advice for other students is to not stress the small things, as “good things will come to you when you work for them.”  She also said, “Never stop striving, even if you’re in last place.  Never stop.”

When asked her favorite thing about being a Gillette College student, Shaye mentioned the endless opportunities within the college and the community.  She was genuinely humbled and thankful for the willingness of local businesses to help business students, the amazing capabilities of technology at Area 59, and the Startup Weekend entrepreneurial opportunities.  She especially loves the supportive and empowering professors.  Specifically, Shaye mentioned how every class John McGuire reminds his students of their self-worth and the importance of their contributions to the world. 

The Gillette College Foundation is so excited to see where Sheyanne Walker’s dreams and aspirations lead!